Texas Precast Fence




FenceCreek has a deep and warm texture that blends into any environment making it a durable product that can be applicable on almost any project.



The beauty and craftsmanship of real bricks at an affordable price.  BrickCreek's is durable, maintenance-free design means your precast wall can last a lifetime.



WoodCreek has become a preferred choice for municipal public works projects that border private residential lots.  This precast concrete fence design offers a lovely, deep texture of craft wood at a much lower cost and maintains its looks for years.


Colorado Fence Rail

Colorado Fence Rail givs you the same wood-grain visual appeal of a split rail fence, with the added durability and flexibility of precast concrete.     

Colorado Fence Rail is available in two, three and four rail configurations.


Concrete Culverts & SET (End Caps)

When installing a pipe culvert for your driveway, private road, or other drainage needs, there are many materials available. Which material you choose can have a big impact on the culvert's longevity.

Of the three materials, concrete is the most durable. Concrete is resistant to warping and is able to bear heavier loads than the other two materials available. Because of its durability and longevity, concrete pipe culverts are a good idea for those planning to install a concrete driveway, farmers and ranchers who have livestock or equipment  loads,  or expect heavy traffic over the culvert. 

Culverts and SET's are TxDOT approved.  We manufacture 18" and 24".


Parking Curb Stops

Parking Blocks, Parking Bumpers, Wheel Stops, are meant to prevent a vehicle from moving to stop a vehicle from rolling forward when parked. Every parking block manufactured by Texas Precast Fence is produced to the highest quality standards using durable, steel-reinforced, and 5,000 psi concrete.