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Confusion between Concrete and Cement ...

 While often confused as being the same, there's a big difference between concrete and cement. Concrete is normally used as a structural component in building projects and is a mix of materials, while cement is just one ingredient in concrete, acting as a binder. Cement can't be used alone for concrete projects. It's only the binder that holds the gravel, sand and other materials of concrete together. 

At Texas Precast Fence we use a mixture of cement, mortar sand, gravel and additives to create high-strength concrete.   We pour our product, let it set for 12 hours before breaking out of the molds then the product cures in our yard for a minimum of 21 days to reach a 5,000 PSI.

Should you have any questions regarding our process or our products, please give us a call.


Texas Precast Concrete Walls are Hugely Important for any Project

I think Texas Precast Concrete walls are stars of every project.  They are hugely important to a development's neighbors, who actually live with the walls.  A good-looking wall keeps neighbors happy, key to keeping a project on track.

Occasionally, Texas Precast Fence walls are an add-on at the end of a project when developers are more confident the project is within budget.

We are happy to jump in when we can, but it is always best to bring us in at the beginning.  Choose a classy, durable wall that looks like stone for about the same price as that plain Jane block concrete wall that deteriorates over time.


PPE - Personal Protective Equipment

We, at Texas Precast Fence LLC, are believers of wearing Personal Protective Equipment on a jobsite.  


On a jobsite, we encourage Personal protective Equipment such as:

* A hard hat protects against flying or falling objects that would otherwise impact or penetrate the worker.  

* Eye and face protection are equally as important as head protection.  Safety goggles, spectacles and full face shields can give you the protection needed for the eyes and face.  

*  Earplugs and earmuffs are common hearing protection tools. It is important to note that earmuffs are more effective in reducing high-frequency noise while earplugs are more effective for reducing low-frequency noise. 

*  High visibility safety vests with reflective striping are essential when working on a jobsite.  Immediate co-workers may know where you are, but if you are working on a busy jobsite other workers may not realize where you are without a vest.

* Safety toed footwear is worn to prevent falling objects damaging your feet.

There is nothing more important than human life.  We take our employees safety as a serious matter!  Employees are trained to identify hazards and use equipment correctly in the warehouse, on the property and at jobsites.

Training and safety meetings are a weekly event at Texas Precast Fence LLC.


Why Choose Texas Precast Fence LLC

I'll say it flat out ... Our walls and fences are gorgeous!  From the lovely, deep texture of crafted wood to the look of hand-chiseled stone, they add beauty, elegance and architectural interest to any project.

But, don't choose a Precast Concrete wall or fence on looks alone.  Use this checklist:

* Where is the product made?  Our posts and panels are made in Madisonville, Texas, using standards that ensure durability and consistency.

* Who will install your fence or wall?  That's dependent on the project timeline because the wall often is one of the final parts of a project.  Look for companies like Texas Precast Fence who provide materials and installation and who do precast as their only focus.  We can ship to experienced installers should you decide.

* Does the product have a track record?  Texas Precast Fence products such as FenceCreek have been used for decades.  Our products meet the technical specifications, such as, Texas, California and Florida.

* What kind of support does the company offer?  The Texas Precast Fence staff is skilled at meeting the requirements of city and county codes and specifications engineers need.

* How does Texas Precast Fence stand out compared to its competition?  Texas Precast Fence owner, Richard Warner, will be involved from the first meeting to the last.  He will be onsite during delivery of product and installation.  What other company has the owner onsite during a project?  This has become a great asset to our owners as there is not a delay in getting the project done correctly and in a timely manner.

* Is Texas Precast Fence qualified?  YES!  Texas Precast Fence has over 60 years of construction experience. 


Solid Masonry vs Precast Concrete

A solid masonry or brick wall is no match for Mother Nature.  As she swells and shifts and moves, those heavy walls can't move with her.  So instead, they crack - often dramatically.

Texas Precast Fence LLC walls are engineered differently.  Traditional masonry walls are supported by a continuous foundation footer that locks them in place.  Precast concrete walls use a pier system, concrete cylinders placed every five feet.  The wall panels slide into the piers, which act like a suspension bridge.  So when the Earth moves and shifts, our panels rock and roll right along with her.


Texas Precast Fence LLC = Green Building Products

Texas Precast Fence Concrete walls is a ‘green’, environmentally friendly building product which has made it a high demand.  Precast concrete fence builds are less disruptive to the construction area. There is less debris dust, and noise pollution, causing less damage to the environment.  The overall environmental impact is very low.

Even if your project isn't technically green, you can still earn environmental credit (and goodwill) using our products.  One of the best ways Texas Precast Fence walls are green is that, once built, they are here to stay.  They won't rot, warp or fade and is easily repaired.  Chances are, Texas Precast Fence walls will still be on the job long after walls and fencing made of other materials are taking up space in your local landfill.

Let Texas Precast Fence LLC provide your precast concrete fence.

pictured:  measuring wood fence being replaced with precast fence


Pre-Fab Projects ?

There is nothing "pre-fab" about Texas Precast Fence projects.

Granted, they are about as complicated to install as a big Lego system.  We slide precast concrete panels between "H" beam posts every 5 feet, then silicone caulk.

But each project, each client is unique!  We will work with you to give you exactly what you need, not impose a product on you.


Fence Repair

A delivery driver backs his truck into the buffer wall separating the store from its residential neighbors, leaving a broken fence.

Good News ... The wall is a Precast Concrete Fence!

The fix is likely to be cheaper and faster than you expect.  Texas Precast Fence has the replacement fence product you need and a crew available to make your wall "new" again. 

If you have a project that calls for a precast fence, give us a call.  No project is too small or too big for TEXAS PRECAST FENCE LLC.