Texas Precast Fence



Solid Masonry vs Precast Concrete

A solid masonry or brick wall is no match for Mother Nature.  As she swells and shifts and moves, those heavy walls can't move with her.  So instead, they crack - often dramatically.

Texas Precast Fence LLC walls are engineered differently.  Traditional masonry walls are supported by a continuous foundation footer that locks them in place.  Precast concrete walls use a pier system, concrete cylinders placed every five feet.  The wall panels slide into the piers, which act like a suspension bridge.  So when the Earth moves and shifts, our panels rock and roll right along with her.



Texas Precast Fence LLC = Green Building Products

Texas Precast Fence Concrete walls is a ‘green’, environmentally friendly building product which has made it a high demand.  Precast concrete fence builds are less disruptive to the construction area. There is less debris dust, and noise pollution, causing less damage to the environment.  The overall environmental impact is very low.

Even if your project isn't technically green, you can still earn environmental credit (and goodwill) using our products.  One of the best ways Texas Precast Fence walls are green is that, once built, they are here to stay.  They won't rot, warp or fade and is easily repaired.  Chances are, Texas Precast Fence walls will still be on the job long after walls and fencing made of other materials are taking up space in your local landfill.

Let Texas Precast Fence LLC provide your precast concrete fence.

pictured:  measuring wood fence being replaced with precast fence


Pre-Fab Projects ?

There is nothing "pre-fab" about Texas Precast Fence projects.

Granted, they are about as complicated to install as a big Lego system.  We slide precast concrete panels between "H" beam posts every 5 feet, then silicone caulk.

But each project, each client is unique!  We will work with you to give you exactly what you need, not impose a product on you.


Fence Repair

A delivery driver backs his truck into the buffer wall separating the store from its residential neighbors, leaving a broken fence.

Good News ... The wall is a Precast Concrete Fence!

The fix is likely to be cheaper and faster than you expect.  Texas Precast Fence has the replacement fence product you need and a crew available to make your wall "new" again. 

If you have a project that calls for a precast fence, give us a call.  No project is too small or too big for TEXAS PRECAST FENCE LLC.