Texas Precast Fence

About Us

Who We Are

Texas Precast Fence LLC is the right choice for all your Masonry & Concrete needs.  Texas Pecast Fence's line of precast concrete fencing and wall systems are used as perimeter walls, sound barriers, screening walls, rail fencing and as an attractive retaining wall solution. Our products are repeatedly used for a variety of projects for large and small residential and commercial developers, city and state government agencies, parks and recreational facilities, and individual homeowners.  Texas Pecast Fence LLC ships nationwide.


Benefits of a Precast Fence

 If you’re considering building a fence, concrete may not be the first material you think of using.  For the most part, we think of more traditional materials when  it comes to our fencing needs. Thinking about it logically, however, concrete is a very practical choice,  and an extremely durable material. Here are the benefits of having a concrete fence:  

•Long-lasting and strong  

•Easily customized and colored to fit your taste  

•Reasonably priced

•Easy to maintain and keep in great condition


Why Choose Us?

 Texas Precast Fence LLC gives you the most for your money. We manufacture and design our own precast fence materials. In comparison to other materials such as stone masonry, wood and vinyl, precast concrete is better in quality and cheaper in price. You will not only be saving now, but you’ll be ensuring that your product will last, making an Texas Precast Fence LLC system a wise, long-term investment.

Safety is also a major priority with our company.  The owner is onsite during installation and safety meetings are mandatory for all workers.